Good eCommerce Web Design and How We Achieve It

Good eCommerce Web Design and How We Achieve It

June 30, 2018

It should be no surprise that a visually appealing website is important to your business success, but equally important as having a pretty site is having a site that functions well for both your website visitors and for you the business owner. eCommerce sites that are complicated to navigate result in lower visitor to consumer conversions - which means lost revenue. Just like brick-and-mortar retail stores make it easy for a customer to find a particular item, eCommerce stores need to make it easy and intuitive for site visitors to find and purchase a particular product. It is also important for the back-end administration of your site to function easily for the on-going management of your store.

The big question is how do you achieve GOOD design? The term “good” as it relates to website design can be highly objective, but here are some of the key considerations that help guide our approach to all design.

Is It Visually Appealing?
While your brand is more than just a website, your website is definitely not less than your brand - it has to be consistent and visually appealing. Just as you want the package your product comes in to look appealing, you want the front-end package your web customer sees to look great too. If it looks awful, why should the customer believe the service will be anything but terrible as well?

Can The Customer Complete the Transaction Easily?
If a customer is thinking about giving you their money, don’t you want to make that transaction as easy as humanly possible? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked away from a business’ site and simply searched for the product I wanted on Amazon. Why? Because something about the website made the process too complicated. Maybe it asked too many questions or forced me to register and become a member. We can’t stress this enough: the point-of-sale process should have as few steps as possible.

Is It Functional?
If the customer has to go searching for the search bar, the website isn’t functional. Too often, small businesses get caught up with putting EVERYTHING on their website. Visit the site of a major retailer like Target or Best Buy. You don’t see long blocks of text droning on about the company’s mission statement. As soon as you hit the front page, you see products. In less than a second, it’s clear what’s being sold. Your website doesn’t need to look like Targets (and it shouldn’t), but major retail websites are a great litmus test for what is working.

Is A/B Testing Possible?
Unlike advertising, your website allows you to do A/B testing as much as you like—for free! A simple and very effective A/B test you can do is with your call to action. Maybe you test different colors for your ‘Buy Now’ button or the copy that encourages people to sign up for your newsletter. It can make a big difference, and the only thing it will cost is time.

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